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Visual / Performing Arts

Why the Arts matter

Simply put, the arts are essential to the proper functioning of our society.  The arts continue to demonstrate their ability to provide categorical evidence of their impact on social issues that concern virtually every facet of American society.  The arts are especially important for our children.  Students with an arts rich education:

  • Have better grade point averages
  • Score better on standardized tests in reading and math
  • Have lower dropout rates
  • Learning to play an instrument benefits brain health

Hoover Middle School has many fabulous Fine Arts opportunities for students.  We invite you to browse the specific discipline websites to get more info!


Through the Middle School Visual Arts Curriculum, students: 

• Develop increasingly sophisticated creative strategies, skills, and habits of mind through artistic practices.

• Apply design literacy to a wide variety of traditional and new media.

• Acquire increasing complex procedural knowledge, skill and craftsmanship in art making while exploring an expanded range of media.

• Develop more sophisticated aesthetic judgment that supports the making and understanding of rich meaning in art.

• Explore a wide range of notions about the meaning and purpose of visual art.

• Form a broader knowledge and understanding of our rich and diverse historical and cultural heritage through art.



Beginning Band

Welcome to Beginning Band! Please do not buy or rent an instrument yet. During the first few weeks of school we will have a thorough instrument selection process to ensure that each child is placed on an instrument in which he/she will experience success. We also work to balance the band's instrumentation so that we do not have too many or too few of any particular instrument.  The instruments offered in band are:  flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba, and percussion.

At the conclusion of our instrument selection process, student's will receive a list of supplies including the names of local music stores where you may rent instruments.  The school has large instruments available that cannot be rented in music stores, including horn, euphonium, tuba, bassoon, and oboe as well as a few of the smaller instruments.  The rental fee for school instruments is $30 per semester (or $50 per year). Local music stores can provide you with their rental prices as they differ for the various instruments.

Concert Band

The Hoover Band program has a long history of success.  Hoover Middle School offers three levels of concert band: Beginning, Intermediate, and Symphonic.

Beginning Band is offered to all students interested in playing a wind or percussion instrument (flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, saxophone, horn, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba, and percussion). No previous music experience is required to participate.

Intermediate Band and Symphonic Band are offered to 7th and 8th grade students who have completed one year of Beginning Band.  Placement is determined by the director.

Band students perform several concerts and festivals throughout the school year.   In addition, students learn discipline, cooperation with others, and most importantly, music skills that will last a lifetime!  Learning to play a musical instrument involves your child in a worthwhile school activity and gives them something interesting and pleasurable to do during their leisure time for the remainder of their lives.

Jazz Band

Hoover also offers Jazz Band for students who are enrolled in a band or orchestra class during the regular school day who play a traditional jazz instrument (saxophone, trumpet, trombone/euphonium, piano, bass, drums, guitar). Some of our piano and guitar players have been students that play another instrument in one of our concert bands or orchestras.   

Currently, Jazz Band is open for enrollment in the Fall to any band or orchestra student without an audition; however, rhythm section instrumentation (drums, piano, bass, guitar) will be limited to a certain number of students.  If there is an over abundance of these instruments, a small audition may be necessary. 

Jazz Band is a class that meets before school daily.  The Jazz Band performs at many concerts and festivals throughout the school year.  The Spring semester is full of Jazz Festival performances and assessments.  Therefore, at the end of the first semester, depending upon fall enrollment, an audition process may take place to reduce the size of the group.


Chorus is for all students who love to sing. We offer a beginning class where we work on the basics of matching pitch, clapping rhythms and singing in harmony through rounds and two part songs. Advanced class is for students who have been in beginning and are ready to take their singing to the next level. All classes sing both traditional and contemporary, classical and pop. We present 4 concerts a year and participate in the spring Musical Performance Assessment. We hope you join us!


There are three levels of Drama education offered during the day at Hoover.

  • Exploratory Arts Drama - 6th Grade students who are in the Exploratory Arts Wheel may find themselves in Drama for one quarter.  In this class students will work on comfort on stage, audience etiquette, and improvisation skills.  By the end of the term students will know and demonstrate the 5 basic skills of acting.
  • Drama I - Students have the option to register for this one semester class in the 7th and 8th grade. During this semester students will refine their acting skills, develop stories, make decisions about characters, and demonstrate awesome audience behaviors.  Drama I will culminate with a public performance of short scenes.
  • Drama II - Students who have completed Drama I can register for this one semester class.  This advanced class focuses on various performance styles, as well as directing.  Students will perform for John Baker Kindergarten classes, attend and perform at Eldorado High School's Middle School Drama Festival, and perform one-acts in a public performance.

Hoover also offers weekly Drama Club after school for all Hoover students.  Our club attends and performs at the George Nason Drama Showcase Festival in November.

All Hoover students can audition for our annual school play which is performed in March in the Eldorado PAC.  Details of the play are announced in January. 


Orchestra is offered to all students interested in playing an instrument in the string family (violin, viola, cello, or bass)  The Hoover Orchestra program offers two levels of orchestra: Beginning and Advanced. No previous experience is required to participate in Beginning Orchestra.


Band Director

  Brent Kelly (505) 298-6896 ex: 35531 Band Director

Choir Director

  Melinda Moore (505) 298-6896 ex: 35593 Choir Director / Reading Intervention


  Dale Simpkins (505) 298-6896 ex: 35559 Drama Director / Video Education