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Supply Lists

Online Learning Supply List


Grades 6-8

Our goal is to have students create a work station with the generic items needed to be able to complete most school assignments.  Additional materials could be requested for in-person learning or by a teacher with a specific need.


  • Pencil Pouch with working tools (pencils/pens/eraser/highlighter/markers/colored pencils/scissors)
  • Looseleaf Paper
  • Composition book for ELA
  • Graph Paper
  • Ruler and Protractor
  • Organization System: EITHER a binder with dividers (and hole puncher) 
  • OR
  • Separate folders for each class (don’t forget Advisory)

First Day Supply Lists

Supply List


In an effort to avoid unnecessary purchases, we have created a Starter Supply List for the first day of school. This includes items that students will need for advisory, PE and in general but not specific teacher requirements. Please plan on providing those individual class required items during the first week of school once teachers send home a syllabus.


Starter Supply List

3 boxes tissue (Advisory)

1 bottle of anti-bacterial wipes (Advisory)



Loose-leaf paper


Combination Lock for hall locker


Available for purchase at Registration:

Dual Combination Locks (one for hall and one for PE with same the combination) $14

PE Uniform $15 (short and top sold as a set)

Elective Supply Lists

If your student is enrolled in the following electives, these additional supplies will be required.

Band Supplies

Intermediate & Symphonic Band Supply List

All music, instruments, and equipment can be obtained from Baum’s Music.


Music (available from local music stores)

  • Essential Elements 2000 – Book 2 (including CD)
  • Foundations for Superior Performance


  • Wire music stand
  • Metronome or Smart Music Subscription
  • Pencil (not pen)
  • Luggage tag for outside of case
  • Index Card with name and phone # for inside of case
  • Master Combination Lock - students that are assigned lockers only (NO key locks may be used)
  • 1 box of tissues


  • Mouthpiece - Remain on current mouthpiece from Beginning Band.  Teacher will evaluate and inform if ready to upsize.
    • Trumpet Bach or Blessing 3C, 5C or 7C (NOT plastic)
    • Horn Schilke 30 mouthpiece or Holton Farkas MC or MDC (NOT plastic)
    • Trombone/Euphonium Blessing or Bach 6-1/2 AL * Small shank (NOT plastic)
    • Tuba Blessing or Bach 18 (NOT plastic)
  • Tuning Slide Grease
  • Snake/ Mouthpiece brush (for cleaning inside of instrument)
  • Polish Cloth
  • Valve Oil (Trombotine grease & spray bottle for trombone students)
  • Mouthpiece Pouch (tuba, euphonium & horn students only)



  • Hite Premier or Gennusa Mezzo Mouthpiece w/ Rovner Ligature
  • 5 (minimum at all times) VanDoren or Rico Reserve Brand Reeds (strength 2 ½ or 3)
  • Reed case
  • Cork grease, mouthpiece brush, & swab


  • Selmer C*, Yamaha 4C, or Hite Premier Mouthpiece w/Rovner Ligature
  • 5 (minimum at all times) VanDoren or Rico Reserve Brand Reeds (strength 2-1/2)
  • Reed case
  • Cork grease, mouthpiece brush, & swab


  • Cleaning Rod & cloth

Oboe & Bassoon

  • 2 working reeds
  • Reed case
  • Small water cup (for soaking reeds)
  • Cork grease & swab

**Each student should use the mouthpiece listed unless he/she is using an equivalent mouthpiece at the recommendation of his/her private instructor.

**Bass Clarinet & Large Saxophone reeds will be determined by director.


  • Stick Bag
  • Drum Sticks – 5-A, or 2-B (no plastic tips please)
  • 1 pr. Medium Hard rubber mallets
  • 1 pr. Medium yarn
  • Snare drum or practice pad and Bells for home practice

Percussion students will be charged annual rental fee of $20 for the use of school percussion instruments in class.

All music, instruments, and equipment can be obtained from Baum’s Music.

Drama Supplies

Exploratory Drama

6th Grade drama students will need the following supplies:

  • 1 subject spiral (or composition) notebook to be left on the shelf in the classroom
  • Black or dark blue pens or pencils
  • Colored pencils or markers (not permanent markers)

Drama I

Drama students will need the following supplies for class:

  • a 2 pocket folder -or-a hard cover, 1 inch binder (Left on classroom shelf)
  • Dividers in the binder
  • Lose leaf paper in the binder or folder
  • 1 highlighter
  • Black or dark blue pens
  • #2 pencil
  • 1 set of colored pencils or markers

Drama II

  • pocket folder with center tabs
  • paper
  • pens/pencils
  • highlighter
  • a great attitude