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Schedule Change Policy

Currently we are examining any schedule changes needed for the Spring semester.  If a student has a schedule with a incorrect class (for example: a wrong grade level for a core class, the second level of an elective class when they haven't taken the first, etc.) they are requested to alert the counseling office quickly so we can address the situation before the beginning of the semester.  


All incorrect class placements need to be addressed quickly, please alert your counselor as soon as possible.  Incorrect placements include: 1. Wrong grade level core class, 2. Placement in or out of a special education/gifted class that is designated by IEP, or 3. Placement in the wrong level of an elective class.

If a student has been placed in an elective class that they requested last year, they will not be moved out of the class.  While we understand that minds change, we build our schedule based on those requests and numbers, so we are unable to change in the middle of the year.  If a student was placed in an elective class that they did not request, we will do our best to accommodate a change to a class they did request.  However, please note that it may not be possible to make a change.  We do our best to place students in the classes they request, so placement in an elective they didn't pick might indicate their schedule was unable to be built with the requested classes.  

All other schedule changes are made by request from the administration.