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Schedule Change Policy

Hoover Schedule Change Request Process 2022-2023


Download the Schedule Change Request, 2022-2023 (PDF)

How To Initiate A Schedule Change

Below are the three separate ways to initiate a schedule change request at Hoover Middle School

  1. Student Request
  2. Staff Request
  3. Parent Request

Schedule Change Notifications

  • Schedule Change Requests will not be accepted the first two weeks of school to allow for balancing and leveling of classes to be done. When students are moved due to leveling, parents will be contacted ASAP.
  • Schedule Change Requests will not be accepted the last two weeks of the Semester for Elective Courses that are a semester long.

Changes that will be made immediately are as follows;

  • Omitted Core Class (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.)
  • Error in class level placement (wrong grade level, etc.)
  • Duplicated classes for the school year (ex: Health both semesters)