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Bell Schedules

Regular Bell Schedules 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Period Begins Ends
Zero Hour 8:15 AM 9:10 AM
First 9:15 AM 10:16 AM
Second 10:20 AM 11:21 AM
Third 11:25 AM 12:26 PM
A-Lunch 12:30 PM 1:00 pM

A- Lunch Fourth

1:04 PM 2:05 PM
B-Lunch Fourth 12:30 PM 1:31 PM


1:35 PM 2:05 PM
Fifth 2:09 PM 3:10 PM
Sixth 3:14 PM 4:15 PM

Advisory Schedule


Period Begins Ends
Zero Hour 8:15 AM 9:10 AM
First 9:15 AM 10:11 AM
Second 10:15 AM 11:10 AM
Third 11:14 AM 12:09 PM
A-Lunch 12:13 PM 12:43 PM

A- Lunch Fourth

12:47 PM 1:42 PM
B-Lunch Fourth 12:13 PM 1:08 PM


1:12 PM 1:42 PM
ADVISORY 1:46 PM 2:16 PM
Fifth 2:20 PM 3:15 PM
Sixth 3:19 PM 4:15 PM

Abbreviated Day / Inclement Weather

Abbreviated Day Bell Schedule

Period Begins Ends
First 11:15 AM 11:56 AM
Second 12:00 PM 12:41 PM
A-Lunch 12:45 PM 1:15 PM

A-Lunch Fourth

1:19 PM 2:00 PM

B- Lunch Fourth

12:45 PM 1:26 PM


1:30 PM 2:00 PM


2:04 PM 2:45 PM
Fifth 2:49 PM 3:30 PM
Sixth 3:34 PM 4:15 PM

Traffic Flow (parking Lot)

The safety of the Hoover students is of utmost importance to all of us. Therefore, parents are asked to follow the following traffic patterns when dropping off and picking up their child(ren).  Students should be dropped off in the front of the school in the morning.  Please pull forward as much as possible to let your student exit the car.  In the afternoon, student pickup is located behind the school using the John Baker loop.  Students will exit through the back of the campus using the crosswalk area to walk up the sidewalk to locate their vehicle.  Students are NOT PICKED UP IN THE FRONT OF THE SCHOOL after dismissal in order to  avoid a dangerous situation with a traffic jam in the neighborhood.  Please DO NOT park along the yellow curb in front of the school on Tivoli. The FIRE LANE (Red Area) in front of the school is a NO PARKING or STOPPING ZONE. There is no parking in the bus lane at any time.

Arrival and Dismissal

Students should not be on our campus prior to 8:55 a.m unless they are participating in a before school program or class. This request is made for safety reasons, as there is no supervision on the school grounds until this time. Students are permitted to enter through the front doors beginning at 8:55 a.m. and may not enter the halls/classrooms until the first bell at 9:10 a.m. School is dismissed at 4:15 p.m. Students should leave campus as soon as school is dismissed unless they are participating in an activity. 


Per APS policy, tardies are only excused for medical appointments. All other tardies are unexcused. When a student arrives late to school, they should be signed-in by a parent. The tardy policy will be reviewed with the students at the beginning of the year. Regular tardies will be handled through the APS Attendance Procedure.

Student Pick-up

Parents, Guardians and Emergency Contacts:

Safety protocol for student pick-up during regular school hours requires that the person signing out the student is on the signature / contact card and a current photo ID is presented for verification to office staff before allowing the student to leave campus.

Students will not be called to the office until this verification process is complete.

Thank you for helping us maintain the safety and welfare of our students!