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Arts Program


Through the Middle School Visual Arts Curriculum, students:

  • Develop increasingly sophisticated creative strategies, skills, and habits of mind through artistic practices.
  • Apply design literacy to a wide variety of traditional and new media.
  • Acquire increasing complex procedural knowledge, skill and craftsmanship in art making while exploring an expanded range of media.
  • Develop more sophisticated aesthetic judgment that supports the making and understanding of rich meaning in art.
  • Explore a wide range of notions about the meaning and purpose of visual art.
  • Form a broader knowledge and understanding of our rich and diverse historical and cultural heritage through art.

Band, Choir, Orchestra


There are three levels of Drama education offered during the day at Hoover.

  • Exploratory Arts Drama - 6th Grade students who are in the Exploratory Arts Wheel may find themselves in Drama for one quarter. In this class students will work on comfort on stage, audience etiquette, and improvisation skills. By the end of the term students will know and demonstrate the 5 basic skills of acting.
  • Drama I - Students have the option to register for this one semester class in the 7th and 8th grade. During this semester students will refine their acting skills, develop stories, make decisions about characters, and demonstrate awesome audience behaviors. Drama I will culminate with a public performance of short scenes.
  • Drama II - Students who have completed Drama I can register for this one semester class. This advanced class focuses on various performance styles, as well as directing. Students will perform for John Baker Kindergarten classes, attend and perform at Eldorado High School's Middle School Drama Festival, and perform one-acts in a public performance.

Hoover also offers weekly Drama Club after school for all Hoover students. Our club attends and performs at the George Nason Drama Showcase Festival in November.

All Hoover students can audition for our annual school play which is performed in March in the Eldorado PAC. Details of the play are announced in January.